15 April 2015

MCS's First Major

Congratulations to C/Major Micheal McLaughlin on becoming the first C/Major in the squadron's history. McLaughlin, who serves as the Cadet Commander, was promoted during the weekly squadron meeting held on 14 APR 15. The Certificate of Promotion was presented by the Deputy Commander, Captain Rick Desrosiers.

On behalf of the entire squadron, Congratulations !!!

01 April 2015

CAP to Receive USAF A-10's

In a joint announcement today at Maxwell AFB by the USAF and Civil Air Patrol, CAP will be receiving 385 A-10 Thunderbolts (aka Warthog) from the USAF inventory. The plan is to release the airframe over a 6 month period. CAP pilots and aircrew will be trained in a phased approach over the same time period. CAP expects to be fully operational in the airframe by 1 OCT 15. Each wing will receive the A-10, proportional to it's AOR. The range of the A-10, compared to the current fleet of Cessna 172/182, will allow for better capability and flexibility while conducting many of CAP's missions.

Being 1 APR 15, and if you read through to the post until this point, I hope you figured out it's April Fools Day. Happy AFD MCS !!! Now, tell me you didn't have a bit of excitement there for at least a moment.

30 March 2015

A Heartfelt Congratulations to Major Victor Kyler

At the 2015 Delaware Wing Banquet, held on Saturday 28 MAR 15 at Dover AFB, Major Victor Kyler was awarded the Torch Award (Lt Col John McGaha Memorial Award).

This award is presented by the Cadet of the Year to the senior member who they feel  provided the most mentorship and guidance in their growth as a cadet. Major Kyler, who serves as the Commander of the Delaware Air National Guard Cadet Squadron, has won this award three years in a row.

On behalf of the members of the Middletown Cadet Squadron, we congratulate you on a job well done Sir !