07 February 2016

Cadets Enjoy O'Flights

On Saturday, 6 FEB 16, six Middletown Cadet Squadron cadets got to do some flying on a beautiful February morning. The following cadets got to experience the thrill of flight and even took control of the Cessna 172 aircraft once airborne.

It was a great time by all, especially the parents who watch their cadets smile from ear-to-ear. A shout out goes to Major Phil Oyerly for flying the cadets around, and to KEVY for putting up with us giddy parents all day.

C/Amn Ketzner taking control
C/Amn Dietrich ready to go !
C/A1C Hamm posing prior to takeoff
C/Amn Dietrich gearing up
C/SMSgt Desrosiers just a tad chilly

No smiles here. Left to right: C/Amn Ketzner, C/A1C Sydney, and Major Oyerly

C/Amn Ketzner and C/A1C Sydney performing pre-flight inspections

Great shot of the C&D Canal (photo courtesy: C/Amn Ketzner)
C/Amn Ketzner

Fuel checks by C/Amn Ketzner and C/A1C Sydney

Heading out

Left to right: C/Amn Ketzner, C/SMSgt Desrosiers, and C/A1C Hamm

Yeah, I'm not happy at all

Major Oyerly and C/SMSgt Desrosiers


13 January 2016

Cadet Earns Ira C. Eaker Award

Congratulations to C/Lt Col Michael McLaughlin for being awarded the Gen. Ira C. Eaker Award. The award was presented on 12 JAN 16 by Captain Rick Desrosiers, MER-DE-025 Commander, and Representative Kevin Hensley (R-DE). 

The Eaker award is presented to a cadet who has completed all of the requirements during this phase. The next step for C/Lt Col McLaughlin is the Spaatz Award. Middletown Cadet Squadron is fully confident you'll be successful in this endeavor. 

Thank you for being a great role model for the younger cadets and a excellent Cadet Commander.

Left to Right: Captain Rick Desrosiers, C/Lt Col Michael McLaughlin, and Rep. Kevin Hensley (R-DE)

Cadets Earn OTY Awards

Congratulations to the following cadets for earning the 'Of the Year" awards recently presented on 15 DEC 15. All the hard work, dedication, and commitment is evident by your being selected by the awards committee.

Cadet of the Year
C/Lt Col Michael McLaughlin 

Junior Officer of the Year
C/Capt Justin Desrosiers 

NCO of the Year
C/MSgt Kevin O'Shaughnessy 

Keep up the great work !