21 July 2015

Welcome to MCS and CAP

Over the last week, the Middletown Cadet Squadron welcomed four new members. We look forward to watching you embark on your CAP journey. Welcome aboard Cadets.

Here are our newest members...

C/AB Ethan Hamm
C/AB Collins Jones
C/AB George Jones
C/AB Noure Sydney

11 July 2015

Cadets take to the Skies

On 10 JUL 15, cadets C/1st Lt Desrosiers and C/2d Lt Lierenz had the opportunity to participate in CAP's Orientation Flight program. The cadets flew out of KILG and around northern and central Delaware.

So, have you flown lately? If not, speak to your chain of command and watch for your informational emails. O'Flights are a key component to cadet recruiting and retention. Each flight revolves around a set curriculum. As you participate in more flights, the curriculum becomes more advanced. As an example, the third flight consists of slow speeds, sharp turns, and even stalls in mid-flight. How cool would that be you ask? Speak with C/2d Lt Lierenz who just completed her certificate of third flight.

CAP Cessna 172
C/1st Lt Justin Desrosiers

C/2d Lt Jessalyn Lierenz

08 July 2015

Cadets take on the 2015 Tri-Wing Encampment

MCS currently has two cadets and one senior member attending the 2015 Tri-Wing Encampment being held at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds Edgewood Area located in Edgewood, MD.

C/TSgt Erin Desrosiers is assigned to Bravo Flight of Squadron 1

(C/TSgt Desrosiers is front row, 3rd from left)
After orientation ride in a Boeing CH-47 Chinook

Bravo Flight
Bravo Flight
Studying the OI

C/Amn Augusto Natalini is assigned to Hotel Flight of Squadron 4

(C/Amn Natalini is front row, far right)
Day 1 Orientation

Captain Lisa Desrosiers is also attending as a Tactical Officer and is assigned to Echo Flight of Squadron 3. As a TACO, Captain Desrosiers is serving as a mentor and guide to the Cadet Cadre as well as assisting the basic cadets as they develop their skills at Encampment.

MCS is proud of you all and looking forward to your return.

Additional photos may be seen here: Tri-Wing Encampment Facebook Page

(Photos courtesy of Tri-Wing Encampment Public Affairs)